Do I need to manually switch the light on?

No. Hanglo is Motion Activated and will automatically illuminate when it senses motion.

Do I need to remember to turn it off?

Hanglo has an auto shut-off feature that is timed to turn off after 20 seconds when it doesn't sense motion so you don't have to worry about it.

Does it come with batteries?

Yes. Two AAA batteries are included per hanger.

How long do the batteries last?

You get 15+ continuous hours of battery life. If you go into your closet 2 times a day and spend an average of 2 minutes each time, you will get an average of 8 months of battery life.

Can I replace the batteries?

Yes. Two AAA batteries are easily replaceable and can be found in most convenient stores.

How many do I need to light my closet?

You only need two Hanglo to light an average closet.

Can I hang heavy coats or uniforms on it?

Yes. Hanglo doubles as a high quality hanger and is made with premium material that can bear 10+ lbs of weight effortlessly.

Will the no-slip velvet coating bleed onto my clothes?

No. Hanglo was vigorously tested and is colorfast and is safe to hang dry or wet clothes.

Contact us for any additional questions you may have as we are eager to assist you.